Monday, March 16, 2009

Engagement Portrat for Display at Reception

dallas texas engagement portrait or pictures plano texas engagement portrait or picturesI did Catherine and Josh's engagement portraits almost two years ago. They've had a long engagement because of Josh's career. Catherine has done a lot with her engagement pictures, for instance she had ten of them made into 8x10's and displayed them at her engagement party. There was a contest where guests wrote their own titles for each of the images. Another image, was used to be made into a postage stamp for one of her bridal showers.

The image above, will be displayed as a 20x24 above the mantle at their reception at the Cliff House at Pikes Peak.

The wedding is to be Saturday the 21st at the Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado. Last weekend, Catherine received word that the roof of the chapel had to have emergency repairs and scaffolding had been erected. See the image she was sent below.

Catherine says this might make a funny story in ten years, but right now, it's not so humorous.
She's going to make a decision whether to move the ceremony this week after she arrives in Colorado. Hopefully, major progress will have been made with the repairs to the chapel and the wedding can proceed as planned. If not, The Cliff House has stepped in to say that they only need a day's notice and the ceremony can be held there too. Weddings are so much fun!

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