Thursday, November 06, 2008

Even More Halloween 2008 Costumes

closeup picture of homemade roman helmet and centurion armorCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

gossip girl costume pictureCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

closeup picture of bat girl makeup in store bought costumeCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGERsaloon girl costume closeupCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER
homemade wonder woman costume closeup with jewelry and makeup and hairstyleCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

group full legnth picture of roman soldier in armor wonder woman costume and gossip girl costumeCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

full legnth costume picture of homemade gossip girl costumeCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

full length picture of home made pirate girl costume or pirate wench with sword and gun and jewelry and headscarfCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

full length picture of bat girl in store bought costume with added bootsCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

group picture of saloon girl pirate wench and bat girlCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

saloon girl costume full legnth store bought with home made additionsCLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER

Here's the last of the costumes for this year. You can see some more detail in the roman centurion costume in this closeup and read how he constructed it in this post.
The school girl costume is Melanie's favorite gossip girl character.
Wonder woman didn't change anything from the week before, you can read about her hand made outfit in this post.
This pirate wench costume was hand made by the model, but she isn't wearing her pirate hat for some reason, just a headband version the pirate scarf. She edged her skirt with clear fingernail polish to keep it from unraveling completely since it wasn't hemmed. Before the addition of the polish, there were strings hanging everywhere. She used a pattern for the corset and blouse, but didn't use the same skirt pattern as this a- line skirt is more flattering than the gathered skirt shown in the pirate girl pattern.
The batgirl costume is store bought, look at the fantastic job she did on her eye makeup. I also love those gauntlets with the "bat tips".
Our saloon girl bought a costume and then took it to the fabric store and got suggestions on how she could customize it. The ladies at the fabric store suggested the overskirt with the huge bow attached. The sequin and lace trims were added as well. Whitney bought the fabric and trim and then took everything to a seamstress because she doesn't sew. It turned out really well, don't you think? And she didn't run into anyone in the same costume even though she had bought hers. She also added the gloves and feather headdress.
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