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Homecoming Mum's in the Dallas Texas Area .. OR... MUM'S 101

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Homecoming mums are a big part of high school homecoming festivities in the Dallas Texas metroplex. The mum in the photo above was time consuming and expensive to make but it was pretty special as mums go. It even lit up, even though that's not shown in the image.
We used a short strand of Christmas lights that are commonly used for Christmas sweatshirts and miniature villages. There's several ways to add lights to mums, one is to string them through the petals of the flowers just like you would add lights to a Christmas tree. These lights are battery operated, you slit the cardboard backing of the mum and tape the battery pack to the backside.
Another way to add lights is to add the lights circling the edge of the cardboard before gluing the mums to the backing. The lights look cool at night during the game, but I have to warn you that they add a lot of weight to an already heavy mum via the batteries. If you can find lights that run on watch batteries, they'll be better than the christmas lights that run on AA batteries because of the weight issues.

Most Dallas area high schools have a booster club that makes and sells mums and these are wonderful if you don't have time, or aren't especially crafty. Buying from the booster club can help insure that you'll "be in the loop" as to the current trends at your schools. Those booster club moms are really in the know about their schools trends and traditions. And when you buy from the booster clubs you also are helping support one of your schools organizations.
It's a win - win!


Fort Worth 817-370-9515 Their mum supplies and trinkets are wholesale ONLY and require a valid tax id. They are the largest manufacturer, importer and distributor of mum supplies in the Southern United States. New accounts normally require 2-3 days for processing, but during July thru October it can take up to 2/3 weeks. Once your information is verified and your account is set up, your pricing will be mailed to you.
Even if you can't purchase from ACI because you don't have a tax id, you can still view their online "Basic Mum Instructions" . Enjoy

L&M Wholesale Glen Rose Texas 254-897-9978 Open year round, store hours are Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 6:00. They say they'll open up the store on Sunday after 12:30 if thats when you need to come. L&M is family owned and operated. It's reassuring to know that you'll be talking to a family member when you call. L&M manufactures the garters (bands) here in Texas and they also manufacture the paper backing disks for the mums and they imprint ribbon.
L&M has been in business for a few years only, but they're the largest in Texas for mum supplies. They carry every mum trinket available and will custom manufacture ribbons at no charge. To set up a wholesale account with them call Melissa at 254-897-9978. Instructions and forms on the website "here"

The Saleplace in Mesquite is another great source for mum supplies . They advertise that they are wholesale, yet they are open to the public. The Saleplace is open 7 days a week and is located on I-635 at the Elam Rd exit (#1b) in Balch Springs - just south of Mesquite (twenty minutes from downtown Dallas)
The Saleplace not only has Homecoming mum supplies, but also Team Spirit Items, Ribbons, Cake Decorating Supplies and Wedding Rental Items.

Monster Spirit
owned by the same people as The Saleplace, they're the online outlet. There are some awesome mum examples on this site and they've got a huge selection of ribbons, trinkets, charms, mums, and stuffed or plush items for your mums. You definitely want to take a look at their offerings. They offer downloadable instruction books here.

Plush In A Rush Dallas Texas ph 1-800-866-8602 Importers and Distributors Wholesale (minimum 150.00 wholesale plush animal order). Lots of cute cute cute plush animals for your mums . You should see the pirate/bear head with a pirate patch.. too too cute. Plus there's instructions to make your homecoming mums in for form of a basic mum tutorial on the front page.

Creative Ribbon San Antonio Tx 210- 650-5473 WHOLESALE ONLY Printers of fine ribbons and accessories homecoming mum trinkets Continuous print ribbons and Custom Spirit Ribbon

Marlow Floral Oklahoma City OK 800-527-1194 wholesale/retail Tons of homecoming mum supplies plus prom corsage supplies.

retail (when you click on the "michaels" which is a link, then click "seasonal celebrations" ) retail This hobby/craft store chain is retail and most likely there is a store near you. They do have some great mum making tutorials online. Also, they have interesting mum trivia detailing the history of the homecoming mum tradition. You'll also want to check out the school spirit project ideas, there are some fun school spirit craft ideas there. Free mum supply lists with instructions can be found here All in all, this website is a great homecoming resource.

Hobby Lobby retail - NOT OPEN SUNDAYS (Find a Hobby Lobby store near you by clicking on the bolded Hobby Lobby header) Hobby Lobby has an online ordering section of their website for those who don't have a location near them. It's a good idea to go to all the stores because they don't all carry the same ribbons or trinkets. Mostly, they are all the same, but if you shop them early, and go to all the different stores, you'll find a few unique items here and there. That's the best way to make sure your homecoming mum is special.

The Mum Shop retail/fundraising store with a new Plano Texas location. 301 W. Parker Ste. #110 Plano, Texas 75023 ph: 214.226.6222 (across from Target at 75/central) You can select your trinkets and ribbons for a custom mum or garter or buy a kit. I saw something about a "mum doctor". I'm not sure what they're talking about, but I'm guessing that they also "fix" mums that need some TLC. Their website says that many North Texas schools use their mums and garters for fundraisers. Who knew? There's a cool calendar feature on the website where you can look up North Texas high schools homecoming dates ......... love that! They're really friendly and fun at this store. I recommend them for those that don't want to make their own mums.
Mum photos are here.

Do you have a great source for mum supplies OR for mums themselves? Are you a booster club that makes and sells mums? Send me your information in the form of a comment and I'll publish it here!


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  1. Anonymous1:30 AM
    Plano, tx
    Builds the mums for most of the booster clubs. Also sells supplies to the public.

  2. cvaludos11:26 AM

    I live in Grapevine Texas and have been making mums for more then 13 years . I must say that
    our mums are Nunber 1!!!!!!!! in the area we specilize in finding unusual Products for our bears. They mimic students activities from a
    slacker to princess. Whatever it may be. They
    stand out at any Homecoming Game. Love you web site. If you ever want to see any Call C&C's Floral Events 817-939-9988

  3. Thanks for the good info, I'd love to be able to add you to my list of mum suppliers. Do you or C&C's Floral Events have a website? If so, send it to me, I'll be updating the list in July or August, in time for the 2011 Homecoming season. I do agree that personalization of the bears it what makes a mum super special. The example mum in the photo was personalized, he was a Golden Escort for the PESH drill team and she was on the Drill Team. The outfits were mostly authentic. Wish I could have found the cute drill team white boots in "bear size", though.
    Thanks again for your comment, I love hearing from mum specialists!

  4. Angela Long1:44 PM

    Can you advise who made the mum in the photo and if they make mums for others?

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Hi Ann,
    Thank you for mentioning L&M Wholesale on your site. We have updated our website and some things have changed. Our phone number has changed to (254) 434-4526 and the link for instructions and forms is now


  6. Anonymous10:38 PM

    This new to Texas New Englander appreciates this. I had NO idea until one of my son's friends said something about a $200 mum. I thought he was nuts. No corsage could cost that. Okay. Live and learn and heat up a glue gun. Thanks again!