Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brand New Year, Brand New Blog

My hope is that this blog will help you find my website and help you keep up with whats new at our studio.

Have you ever tried to search for a photographer in North Texas?
It's tough to find the listings for individual photographers in the search engines anymore. It seems like every search pulls up paid directorys of photographers, in other words websites that sell listings to photographers. So it's basically like the yellow pages, searches only turn up (at least in the first 20 or so pages) listings for photographers who not only have a web site, but who have PAID to have their site listed in these directorys. And there are TONS of paid directorys, so many that it is frustrating to slog through them all.

Just for fun, try these searches and you'll see what I mean.

plano photographers

plano photographer

dallas senior photography

plano photography

dallas photographers

dallas senior photographers

frisco photographers

frisco senior photographers

frisco photography

plano texas photographer

plano texas photographers

dallas photographer

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plano texas maternity photographer

richardson senior photographers

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allen photographers

mckinney photographers

mckinney photography

plano texas senior photographer

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dallas senior photographers

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